Sales MasterClasses

These MasterClasses can be delivered to either a direct or an indirect salesforce.

All of the MasterClasses are tailored to selling YOUR solutions into YOUR marketplaces.

The following MasterClasses are outlined below:

    1. Objection Handling MasterClass

    2. Sales Strategy & Battlegrounds MasterClass

    3. People & Politics MasterClass

    4. Key Account Development MasterClass

    5. Selling YOUR Solutions Effectively




    This MasterClass will hone the objection handling skills of each attendee irrespective of experience. 

 Role-plays are used for all of the objections encountered by the attendees.

 This workshop is ideal for both salespeople and pre-sale people. 

 The key topics covered are:

The complexities of objection handling

Handling the objection effectively

Objections as buying signals                                           

Objections as closing signals         

Understanding and handling the 8 different types of objections

Handling the key objections in current sales situations   

Handling ALL the objections encountered by the attendees        

Turning objection handling into a motor skill                                



 This MasterClass is for salespeople and principals who are involved in the strategising of sales situations.  It provides a good understanding of how to evaluate the different sales strategies available for a particular sale.  Then taking the most appropriate sales strategy evolve the best tactics most likely to deliver a win.

"The one with many strategic factors in his favour wins"  A comment by Sun Tzu in The Art of War, a book written 2000 years ago.

  Attendees will be able to simultaneously apply the topics discussed to one of their current sales situations.

 The key topics covered are:

The differences, Product, Solution and  Strategic selling

Evaluating the different sales strategies for a sale

Understanding WHY I AM going to win this sale

Establishing the sales strategy and tactics

Positioning the battlegrounds

Changing the prospect’s perception of the potential value

Creating vision; Selling outside-the-box



 How many times have you heard a salesperson say, "I lost because of the politics.  What else could I do?"  This session is designed to eradicate this idea from the salesperson's mind.

 The workshop uses attendees' current sales to analyse and apply the people and politics elements of the sale. 

 Key topics covered are:

Selling outside-the-box

Creating big-picture vision

Managing multiple players

Personal buying motivations

Influencing the influencers

Winners and losers in the sale

Who are the key players?

Developing a "coach"

Power bases

Critical success factors

Influencing the decision process

The political plan for my sale is...      




 This MasterClass is designed to maximise the potential business in a major or key account.

 Key topics covered are:

How is the organisation structured?

What do we bring to the organisation’s future?

Identifying the entire sales potential in the account

The competitive landscape in the account

Developing a migration plan to take over the competitive sites

Developing the political plan for the account

Who are the key players?

Identifying and developing coaches in the account

The decision processes

How does the current sale(s) fit into the grand plan?

Current product issues

Current support issues

Structured Account Plan

     Revenue for the next 12 months

     Revenue beyond the next 12 months

     Activity planned in the account

     Marketing planned for the account



 This MasterClass is designed as the cornerstone workshop for selling YOUR products into YOUR marketplaces. 

 The key topics covered are:

       Successful selling in the “Solution” world

       Handling difficult sales situations

          The psychology of selling a concept

          Advanced Qualification, Specific to YOU

       Applying influence; Selling outside-the-box

       Advanced objection handling specific to YOU

       YOUR key business messages

       Selling YOUR own company’s strengths

       Building the business case

       Influencing the decision and evaluation processes

       Outmanoeuvring any competition



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