Sales Training Departments

DCA International also provides sales training materials for use under licence by inhouse sales trainers.


Notes and PowerPoints can be provided to cover all aspects of selling.  The materials are tailored to selling YOUR products into YOUR marketplaces.  This will include BluePrints and CheckLists to maximise sales effectiveness.

Sales materials can be provided for all of the MasterClasses outlined in Sales MasterClassesFor details click here. 

This includes:

    1. Objection Handling MasterClass

    2. Sales Strategy & Battlegrounds MasterClass

    3. People & Politics MasterClass

    4. Key Account Development MasterClass

    5. Selling YOUR Solutions Effectively


Further sales materials can also be provided for:

    Effective Presentations

    Effective Sales Skills

    Effective Qualification

    Effective Interpersonal Skills  (for pre and post-sales people)

    Effective Telemarketing

    Effective Demonstrations



The sales training materials are supported by a full train-the-trainer service.

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